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DTRA Circles are a unique way for like-minded individuals to come together and collaborate on shared interests within the decentralized clinical trials community. Circles require a low commitment, with an online social platform coupled with monthly or quarterly online meetings that allow for flexible scheduling. 

As a members-only benefit, Circles offers a safe and secure space for individuals to share ideas, knowledge, and expertise without mandatory creation requirements.
Circles are aligned around functional roles or topics, enabling members to connect with peers and contribute to specific areas of interest. 
Joining a Circle is an excellent way to connect with a community of professionals who share your passion for decentralized clinical trials and take your work to the next level.
Group 8

Circles Include:

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in DCTs
  • Patient Recruitment in DCTs
  • Real World Data & DCTs
  • Patient Voice in DCT
  • Metrics & KPIs for DCTs
  • AI in DCTs
  • EuroEngage
  • Nihon Connect: Japanese DCT Circle

Past Circle Topics from Members

Members take turns hosting Circle sessions with the topic of their choice. These sessions are your time to discuss ideas and topics of mutual interest. Below are previous topics covered in past Circle sessions.

Group 8
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in DCTs
  • Rural Communities access to DCTs
  • Access to trials for disabled/impaired patients
  • Clinical Trial Resiliency Go Bag
Metrics & KPIs for DCTs
  • KPIs and Patient Satisfaction
  • Patient Feedback in Study Protocol
  • Surveying patients in DCTs

Real World Data & DCTs

  • Advancing Real-World Evidence Program

  • Empowering Patients through Evidence Generation

  • Integrating RWD into Clinical Research

Data Management in DCTs
  • Data Map for Clinical Trials
  • Integrating eSource with EDC platforms
  • AI in Clinical Data Management
Patient Voice
  • Patient Centric Drug Development
  • Patient Engagement Initiatives
  • Patient Protocol Engagement Toolkit
  • Balancing Site and Patient Input
Patient Recruitment in DCTs
  • Utilizing AI in Recruitment
  • Patient-Centric Protocol Development in Trials
  • EMR Challenges in Recruitment
  • Social Media Tactics

AI in DCTs

  • Improving Patient Experience with AI
  • Adoption Challenges with AI
  • IMI Trials at Home

 Nihon Connect: Japanese DCT Circle

  • Kicking off in May 2024
Group 8

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