Knowledge Sharing Playbook

Unifying DCT Knowledge in an All-Inclusive Playbook

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Why Make a Playbook?

The aim of this initiative is to create a comprehensive Knowledge Sharing Playbook that offers valuable and unbiased information in incorporating DCT methods into clinical trial protocols and considerations for DCT execution.

This playbook will address the current challenges of fragmented resources and required non-technical considerations such as:

  • Key questions to answer
  • Process needs
  • Documentation
  • Requirements needed for site/sponsor participation

By providing clear, concise, and practical guidance, the playbook will enable sponsors, CROs, and other stakeholders to design better studies that improve execution, patient experience, and scalability.

Group 8


The DCT Tubestop Map is a digital end-to-end process map to support DCT trial planning and execution, with key process steps across the plan, setup, conduct, and close stages of trials. This map will link to key outputs and resources from DTRA initiative teams and partners. The goal is to provide a practical how-to guide that covers main process steps and links to relevant resources.

The DCT Playbook (Tubestop Map)

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DCT Tubestop Feedback

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