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Our Members include:
  • Life Sciences and Research Companies
  • Technology and Service Providers
  • Patient Advocacy Organizations
  • Regulatory Agencies
  • Site Networks
DTRA Leadership Council

Each of our Organizational Members elects a representative to serve on our DTRA Leadership Council.  This governing body collectively provides direction to move forward DTRA's mission to drive the future of patient-focused decentralized clinical research.

Leadership Council representatives act as the voice for their organization by exercising their right to vote on important matters at quarterly business meetings, as well as through direct work on teams identifying areas of opportunity for innovation, growth, and positive change in the areas of DTRA's Priority Initiatives.

Benefits of Organizational Membership:
  • Representation in DTRA Leadership
  • Business and Community Leadership Council Meetings
  • Annual Live Conference
  • Unique Priority Initiative Teams and Forum Participation Opportunities
  • Professional Networking with Industry Leaders
  • Exclusive Online Member Community
Applying for Membership

DTRA strives to ensure that all Member Organizations align with the Alliances' shared Mission and Vision and are prepared to fully participate in collaborative action to define and drive the future of patient-centered decentralized clinical research. 

During the application process, Prospective Member Organizations are invited to share why they wish to join the Alliance and a summary of their envisioned contributions and participation. 

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