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Connect with the foremost pioneers in DCT with a unified voice and vision to make research accessible for everyone. Through unprecedented collaboration across boundaries, we aim to create a path to expand access to patient-focused decentralized trials.

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  • Representation on the DTRA Leadership Council
  • Exclusive collaboration and volunteer opportunities
  • Access to join available seats on DTRA Initiative Teams and CoLab opportunities
  • Ability to join DTRA Circles: Functional Collaboration Groups
  • Curated news and member updates
  • Complimentary listings on the DTRA job board
  • Access to the Everest Group's curated clinical development technology research
  • Two registration passes to the DTRA Annual Meeting
  • Sponsorship opportunities at the annual meeting
  • Professional networking with industry leaders
  • Eligibility to be a featured guest on the TGIF-DCT Clubhouse and Decentralized podcast program
  • Access to the Membership Community featuring:
    • Organizational member directory and marketplace
    • Organizational employee member profiles
    • Networking, groups, and discussion forums
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Motivation for Joining DTRA

DTRA strives to ensure that all Organizational Members align with the shared mission and vision and are prepared to fully participate in collaborative action to define and drive the future of patient-centered decentralized clinical research. 

During the application process, organizations are invited to share why they wish to join the Alliance with a summary of their envisioned contributions and participation.

Membership dues are $30,000 per calendar year, with the effective membership period running from January 1 through December 31.

We invite you to explore our Mission and Benefits Proposition for additional information about becoming an organizational member.

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Group 8


Thank you for your interest in becoming an Organizational Member of DTRA. Please complete this form to apply. DTRA reviews each application to ensure that members are aligned with our mission and prepared to actively participate in our collaborative Alliance.

Please allow 3–5 business days for review and determination.

Membership is effective upon receipt of payment of invoice. The membership year runs from January to December with an annual membership fee of $30,000. Invoices are not prorated for Membership Dues. Membership Dues are non-refundable.

Group 8