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Group 8


DTRA's Founding Members identified four priorities to define the work of the Alliance. Our shared mission is to accelerate the adoption of patient-focused, decentralized clinical trials and research by creating high-impact solutions for the research community.

Group 112 B
Priority 1 - Definitions
Group 113 B
Priority 2 - Best Practices
Group 114 B
Priority 3 - Education
Group 115 B
Priority 4 - Removing Barriers
Component 6 – 1

Priority 1: Definitions

Establish common nomenclature and definitions, archetypes, and KPIs around the practice of decentralized research.

Glossary - 200 dpi Square


DTRA Glossary

Key Performance Indicators - 200 dpi Square


Key Performance Indicators

Changing the Norm - 200 dpi Square


Changing the Norm

Group 397

Priority 2: Best Practices

Identify and promote best practices in decentralized research.

Best Practices Handbook - 200 dpi Square

Best Practices Handbook

Mapping the Patient Journey - 200 dpi Square

Mapping the Patient Journey

Technology _ Data Strategy - 200 dpi Square

Technology & Data Strategy

Group 410

Priority 3: Education

Build a knowledge repository and mechanisms for information sharing.

Crowdsource Evidence of Impact - 200 dpi Square


Crowdsource Evidence of Impact

Knowledge Sharing Playbook - 200 dpi Square-1


Knowledge Sharing Playbook

DCT Curriculum - 200 dpi Square


Group 417

Priority 4: Removing Barriers

Identify barriers to decentralized research implementation and establish roadmaps to their resolution.

Global Conduct Map - 200 dpi Square

Global Conduct Map

Collaborate on Regulatory Gaps - 200 dpi Square

Collaborate on Regulatory Gaps 

Data Connectivity - 200 dpi Square

Data Connectivity