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Types of Resources

We accept a wide range of resources related to decentralized clinical trials. Please ensure that your resources are relevant to the industry and provide value to our members. We accept the following types of resources:

Technical Reports
Research Papers
Case Studies
Best Practice Guidelines
Industry Analyses
Regulatory Updates
Educational Materials and E-Learning Modules
Toolkits and Templates
Events Summaries and Conference Proceedings
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Guidelines for Submission

To ensure the quality of resources in our library, we ask that you follow these guidelines when submitting resources:

  • Ensure submitted resources are relevant to decentralized clinical trials and research
  • Include a clear title and brief description of the resource content
  • Verify the accuracy and credibility of the information provided
  • Include the author or source of the resource, and ensure proper attribution is given
  • Ensure submitted resources are free from copyright infringement or provide proper permissions for sharing
  • Ensure that the resources are easily accessible and in a commonly used file format (e.g., PDF, DOCX, PPTX)
  • Ensure that the content is free from offensive, discriminatory, or inappropriate language or images
  • Avoid excessive self-promotion or commercial content. The primary focus should be on sharing valuable information with the community
  • Cite any relevant research, data, or statistics used in the resource
  • Choose appropriate tag(s) for your content for when it’s added to the library.
  • Be prepared for a review process, as DTRA may evaluate submitted resources for quality, relevance, and adherence to guidelines before making them available to the community

Note: DTRA reserves the right to reject or remove any submitted resources that do not adhere to these guidelines or that are deemed unsuitable for the community.

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