Decentralized Trials & Research Alliance (DTRA) Announces Priorities and Initial Initiatives

May 17, 2021 | Decentralized Trials & Research Alliance (DTRA) Announces Priorities and Initial Initiatives

Decentralized Trials & Research Alliance (DTRA) Announces Priorities and
Initial Initiatives

      Global Coalition Defines Initiatives to Accelerate the Adoption of
          Decentralized Research and Improve Access for Participants

SAN DIEGO,  May  17, 2021  (GLOBE  NEWSWIRE)  -- The  Decentralized  Trials  &
Research Alliance (DTRA)  today announced priorities  and initial  initiatives
designed to realize the  full potential of  decentralized research to  improve
access and participation to make  clinical trials more efficient,  accessible,
and equitable. With more  than 100 Member Organizations,  DTRA is the  leading
multi-stakeholder initiative focused  on accelerating the  global adoption  of
decentralized research.

DTRA members  have  defined  four  priority  areas  as  a  framework  for  new

 1. To establish  common  nomenclature  &  definitions,  archetypes  and   key
    performance indicators around the practice of decentralized research.
 2. To identify and promote best practices in decentralized research.
 3. To prioritize education by building a knowledge repository and  mechanisms
    for information sharing.
 4. To identify and remove barriers to decentralized research  implementation,
    establishing roadmaps to their resolution.

A full listing of the initiatives grouped by priority area is available  here.
While each priority  area has  several associated  initiatives, the  following
have been prioritized in the immediate term:

  o Create a  comprehensive Decentralized  Research  Glossary that  is  easily
    accessible to relevant stakeholders  to establish common nomenclature  and
    definitions including defining archetypes of decentralized trials.
  o Establish a collaborative Best  Practices Repository with dynamic  updates
    of trusted resources for study  teams to identify where existing  pathways
    exist for areas perceived as challenges as barriers.
  o Compile a Data  and Knowledge Repository  with evidence of  the impact  of
    decentralized research  capable  of supporting  education,  research,  and
  o Build a central library of global regulatory, legal, privacy, and  culture
    information that contains  dynamic links to  relevant regulatory sites  to
    assist in the removal of barriers to entry.

Over 100 DTRA Member Organizations are engaged in advancing policies, research
practices and  technologies  that  will  accelerate  the  global  adoption  of
patient-focused,  inclusive,  decentralized  clinical  trials  and   research.
Members  include  life-sciences  research   companies  and  patient   advocacy
organizations;  technology  and  service  providers;  and  leading  regulatory
authorities, such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Organizations interested in becoming alliance members can visit

The Decentralized Trials  & Research  Alliance (DTRA) was  convened to  enable
collaboration of stakeholders to  accelerate the adoption of  patient-focused,
decentralized clinical trials and research within life sciences and healthcare
through education  and  research.  It works  to  make  research  participation
accessible to  everyone, enabled  by the  consistent, widespread  adoption  of
appropriate decentralized research methods.